About the Meteorological Plots

The weather plots present a twenty-four hour history of the parameters below. The x-axis on each plot displays time, expressed as a day of year, while the y axis displays the range of values for a given parameter. All values except minimum and maximum wind speeds are five minute averages.

Air Temperature

This is the air temperature recorded approximately one meter above the surface of the lake.

Surface Water Temperature

This is the water temperature measured approximately ten centimeters below the surface.

Wind Speed (Max, Min and 5-minute average)

Average wind speed is the mean value recorded during the sampling interval. Maximum and minimum values represent the instantaneous maxima and minima recorded during a sampling interval.

Wind Direction

Average direction the wind was blowing from during a sampling interval. North corresponds to 0°/360°.

Wind Fraction of Occurrence

This circular plot shows what fraction of the wind is originating from a given direction. A larger wedge indicates a higher fraction of occurrence from that direction. North corresponds to 0°/360°.

Wind Speed Rose Plot

This circular plot presents both wind speed and direction. The further a point is from the center of the plot the higher the wind speed. A line drawn from the center to the point will intersect the edge of the circle at the direction the wind was blowing from. North corresponds to 0°/360°.

Relative Humidity

Relative humidity is a percent saturation value (like Dissolved Oxygen on the water plots). It is the amount of water vapor in the air (or vapor pressure) divided by the maximum amount of water vapor that could be held at that temperature (saturation vapor pressure).


Light is a measure of direct incident solar radiation and diffuse sky radiation. These values can then used with other meterological data to compute the net heat flux at the air water interface.